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Publication Date: March 2013

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ISBN: 978-0615778686

Specs: trade paper and ebook 72 pp.

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Were you surprised by the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision?
Do you know how the decision will impact other laws now?
The floodgates have opened and you need to know how sweeping this legal precedent is. Within 48 hours of the Supreme Court decision, the situations foretold in this book are already happening!

The birth control insurance coverage debate involves many issues that have far reaching consequences. This booklet, from the author of the best selling book "Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy," delves past the rhetoric and delivers a commentary on what is really at stake while debunking misconceptions and propaganda. Go beyond the noise and be informed on the motivations and repercussions of the anti birth control coverage crusade. This work is timely with valuable information and insight for today's men and women. No matter what side you find yourself on with this issue, you owe it to yourself to read this short treatise.

This booklet, written by an insider who left the Religious Right fold, shares the far-reaching ramifications that are already coming true. A must read.

A great topic that is rarely discussed in this succinct a fashion...so men don't have any excuses [not] to read this as well. This is an issue that affects us whether directly or indirectly. Amazon top 500 reviewer