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Publication Date: December 2018

List Price: ebook .99 cents

ISBN: 978-0-9990318-6-5

Specs: trade paper and ebook 367 pages.

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Book Details:

A troubled young woman looking into the disappearance of her friend, an FBI agent, and a young journalist each on the trail of a White Supremacist secret society manipulating events to gain control of the nation. Each has parts of the puzzle, but time is running out to stop the well-planned agenda and save the nation from disaster.

When Elizabeth Grant sees her childhood friend, she is thrown into a world of secret societies laced with conspiracies.

Elizabeth has been plagued with visions since the disappearance of Loralie. When she returns to the small town of her childhood, she’s unaware that she’s walking into the middle of what killed her friend.

Unknown to the rest of the world, The Society for a Restored America has been preparing to seize control of the government through manipulation of a national crisis. The Society's membership has already infiltrated the government and military at the highest levels. The only thing between them and success is Elizabeth Grant.

Elizabeth must accept her special gift and stay alive long enough to uncover the Society's dark plot to seize control from a nation that blindly supports them.

"Clever, Thrilling, Totally Engaging! C.G. Abbot has penned a most thrilling journey…engaging, intense, oddly contemporary with just the right amount of the paranormal." King's River Life Magazine

"The Society was a well written book that made what could have been a crazy conspiracy theory into a thrilling plot that did not fail to grab my attention for a single moment. This book was an amazing thriller with a great cast of characters that all had their own unique backgrounds that clearly showed off the author's talent of bringing together plots and characters into one amazing story!" Sefina Hawk's Books ~ ~ ~ ~

"Such a strong read! I love diving into the world of secret societies and conspiracies but often find myself lost with the intricate details. C.G. Abbot kept me intrigued without getting me lost in the details. The pressure on Elizabeth aided in bringing her closer to acceptance of her special gift. While reading, I could feel the darkness and truth that were used to build the secret society. It was so real-feeling that I had goosebumps! Every page turn led to another piece of the puzzle that left me wanting more. I'm so glad I was able to start this series - definitely a keeper!" Lynchburg Mama ~ ~ ~ ~