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Everybody Has a Book Inside Them

It is hard to break into traditional publishing. I know, I have been there. If you have honed your craft and polished a book or novel, perhaps we can help. Publishing has changed much over the last decade alone, which has opened the door for small publishers like us.

This is not a vanity press or even a self publishing venue. I started my own publishing company because it is difficult to get a book published today. Competition is flooded and large companies have investors to pay so they are looking for the next "big" trend. When it comes to promoting your book, we don't have the financial resources to do big advertising, but we can direct and assist you to get your book sales going. The more you sell, the more we make, so we want you to succeed.

Once you feel your completed and polished manuscript is ready, you need to query us. This gives us an idea as to whether your book is a good fit with what we publish. This post gives you how to query an agent (click here), but the same format for the query letter itself is the same. The query letter should be no more than 500 words. You may include no more than five (5) sample pages from your book. You may email the query, as an attachment, to us here: info(at)blazingswordpub(dot)com

If we should feel your work is a good match to what we envision publishing, we shall request your manuscript for further review. This blog post explains how to properly format a manuscript clearly. Formatting Your Manuscript

Improve as a Writer
Tips for Writers:

~ Read books in the genre you are writing
~ Analyze your fav books
~ Take some online classes
~ Brush up on grammar
~ Plan on revising your work
~ Write your marketing plan

Writing your book:

Publishing your opus is down the road, first you have to write a quality book. People must be able to read what you have written, thus proper spelling, sentence, and paragraph structure are critical. No matter what you have been told, writers have the responsibility to edit and polish their work - even with the big publishing companies in today's economic reality.

A great story idea is only part of your path to a great book. If you are writing fiction you need to understand plot dynamics, character development, narrative versus action, scene development, and how to write good dialog. Many of these are applicable to non-fiction for memoirs and creative non-fiction too.

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